Mancora Beach Peru

Mancora Beach

The first time I arrived to Mancora I felt in love with its wonderful and heavenly beach, its stunning blue sky and especially of the Sun That Shines From Sunrise to Sunset Almost All Days of the Year. It's one of a few places in the South Pacific American coast - and in the world - where exists these climatic conditions, so it is a so special place with a great marine biodiversity, a rich flora and fauna appearing in surroundings, besides the mystic energy that flows around this privilege nature. Mancora is one of the top touristic beach destination to enjoy large holidays.

You may go to Las Pocitas beach near Mancora town for watching ocean birds, practice water sports, horse riding, kite surfing, take a trip to enjoy nature, savor delicious Mancora seafood or simply walk along the beach as main entertainments during the day; at night, going outside to meet people from all over the world that come to surf or for having a terrific time.

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In the last years Mancora Beach in Peru has been proposed to be a Marine Protected Area because of the natural marine larval dispersal of the Mancora bank. This idea would allow ecosystems and species preservation while using sustainable practices in fisheries and tourism. In this Mancora place live an abundant number of invertebrates' species, fish, birds and mammals as the incredible humpback whales, dolphins and sea lions, traveling very long distances to reproduce and breed at Mancora Peru.

Mancora, Las Pocitas, Playa del Amor, Punta Sal, Vichayito are only a sample of the most gorgeous beaches in the northern Peru. Natives of Mancora are hospital and smiling, which helps to have a pleasant stay. Each beach has a unique charm. Las Pocitas Beach has big rocks that form different sizes of pools...there you can see enthusiasts practicing diving and kite surfing, while Mancora wind is great enough for the best level of windsurf.

Nearby Mancora are other exotic places that are not a beach. Consider to visit as Hervideros, Los Pilares en la Quebrada Fernandez, Santuario Nacional Manglares Tumbes, Parque Nacional Cerros de Amotape, Coto de Caza El Angolo. These spectacular and natural places show magnificent views.

Many people come to Mancora to load positive energy. The sun rises early in the morning while bird's songs sound smoothly. Nature begins its day in the beach slowly and with a pleasant mood. During the morning and afternoon, the tinted colors of the sea changes from emerald until blue. Some winds refresh all around while looking a sunset that deploys unforgettable colors that makes feel okay. In Mancora, you find nights with many stars appearing in a completely uncluttered sky; a perfect scene for a night of romance. For many others, coming to Mancora is important to be in touch with new simple things that happen in this beach at a little fishermen town. Someone come to meditate and search themselves.

Families or friends come to Mancora and especially to Las Pocitas beach to be far away from city live and then become relaxed. With all the time to sit down in a sofa, breathing pure ocean air and resting while the others play... How to be able to keep those unique moments for city life?

In my own case, I came to Mancora many years ago to get away from the daily life routine stress - since that first day I always return to this beach - the sunny Mancora beach trapped me as a magnet attracts metal! Certainly, Mancora possesses a magnetism that attracts numerous persons because everybody feels good and it seems time is under arrest!. Finally, all I can say about Mancora is. From sunrise to sunset is savage and majestic beach, full nature, emotion and adventure!

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